Who is John Fenley?

John Fenley is an Innovator and part time NEM troll

John Fenley Solves Problems in Interesting ways

John Fenley Sees a Problem with Provo City Government

Opportunity Knocked

I fought to turn the Old Jail into a community technology center. The Provo City Council and Mayor Curtis demolished this 65,000 Sqft building on 7 Acres in a sale netting the city only $100k.

My Core Beliefs

I believe in Truth.

I believe we each should have the freedom to do what we wish, so long as no others are harmed against their will.

I believe laws should exist only where necessary, and only with good reason.

I believe all people should have the opportunity to benefit from our collective history and technological innovation.

Disincorporate Provo

What does it mean?

1500 pages of Provo City ordinances that control us in subtle ways.
The camping ban goes too far.
Throwing snowballs is banned.

To disincorporate the city, Signatures are gathered, A vote is held, and the majority determines the fate of the city. If disincorporation gets more votes, the city winds down it’s affairs, Sells it’s assets to pay it’s debts, and the remainder is transferred to the local school district.

Most services would likely experience little or no disruption as they are transferred to either the county or private companies.