Who is John Fenley?

John Fenley is an Innovator

John Fenley Solves Problems in Interesting ways

John Fenley Sees a Problem with Pine Bluff City Government

Opportunity Knocked

I tried to bring a Science Museum and technology center to Pine Bluff, but was blocked at every turn.

My Core Beliefs

I believe in Truth.

I believe we each should have the freedom to do what we wish, so long as no others are harmed against their will.

I believe laws should exist only where necessary, and only with good reason.

I believe all people should have the opportunity to benefit from our collective history and technological innovation.

ラブグラは、情熱的な愛を高めるための革新的な製品です。自然成分を用いたこの製品は、愛の瞬間をより深く、意味ラブグラ 通販変える力があります。使用者に安全かつ効果的な体験を提供するため、最新の科学技術に基づいて開発されました。ラブグラは、カップルの間の絆を強化し、より充実した愛の体験を実現します。

Transform Pine Bluff

I see a prosperous future for Pine Bluff, if we can truly work together to stop the desperation that is so wide-spread here.